3 Steps To Succeed With A YouTube Cooking Channel

Home cook recording for YouTube cooking show

Hold yourself accountable:

  1. Share your YouTube channel link with friends and family and customers and everybody who knows you know how to cook.
  2. Tell them that you have a cooking show on the way.
  3. Give them three recipe choices and ask them which one they think you should launch your channel with?

Those three steps will do two important things for you:

  • Get you your initial subscribers.
  • Hold you accountable for taking action to create your show.

Following this plan will also get people excited about tuning in to watch your cooking show because you allowed them to participate by voting on which recipe you launch your channel with.

By the way, my Celebrity Chef Masterclass provides a step-by-step plan for how you can use any home kitchen to host a cooking show that pays all your bills so you can quit your job if you want to.


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