Her Cooking Channel Has 3.9 Million Subscribers

One of my Celebrity Chef Academy clients is a formally trained chef.

In response to one of my training articles about the importance of just showing up consistently on YouTube, she shared that years ago, she won a cooking competition.

She "got to travel all over the country, doing cooking demos or food festivals or television on behalf of Kraft Foods, all expenses paid."

She shared a link to the YouTube channel of one of her competitors who did not win the competition.

The competitor is a self-taught chef and her YouTube channel that she started in 2010 currently has 3.9 million subscribers.

Meanwhile, the formally trained chef is just now in training to learn how to start a YouTube channel.

You Win On YouTube By Showing Up Consistently

You don't have to be the best cook.

You just have to be a good enough cook who can commit to showing up weekly.

Any chef or home cook who is willing to do that can create financial freedom and generational wealth with a cooking show on YouTube.

Some Simple Cooking Show Math

If you charge $50/mo for access to your private online cooking community, all you need is 2000 community members to generate over $1 million per year from you cooking just one dish per week.

$50/mo x 2000 = $100K/mo = $1.2M/year

The chef we're talking about here has 3.9 million YouTube subscribers.

2000 = 0.05% of 3.9 million

Do you think it's unreasonable to believe that 0.05% of Chef Laura's 3.9 million subscribers are willing to pay her $50/mo for more access?

Are You Going To Start Making $1M/year Overnight?


But you can get there, over time.

Are You Going To Start Making $1M/year If You Never Get Your Cooking Show Started?


Your life is going to stay exactly like it is until you decide to do something different.

Which Chef Do You Want To Be?

The chef who won the Kraft competition?

Or the chef who built her own platform and is winning in life?

One of them is watching the other and one of them doesn't know the other exists.

Success is out here for anybody who decides to show up and claim it.

But too many people define success as getting to stand on someone else's stage, instead of building their own platform.

The example in this story shows how much better off you are by building your own platform instead of coveting the stage that someone else built.

The millionaire chef is the one who put the work in to build up her own platform, one recipe at a time.

When you're ready to build your platform for success, in my Celebrity Chef Masterclass, I can teach you how to start your cooking show in as little as 5 days.

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