Here's How Easy It Is To Get On TV

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All Cheron is doing here is what she normally does.

She's a caterer, so being in her kitchen cooking is what she normally does.

By cooking on camera, she's created an entertaining and educational resource that will keep her fans coming back to her website every week where, after she's made them hungry, they can order some meals for the week.

This is how simple video marketing is: show lots of people you know what you're doing and some of them will hire you. The more people who see you, the more you'll get hired.

It's going to be another long, covid winter and Cheron is making sure she stays in front of her target audience by putting herself inside their smartphones and even on their televisions!

How might you use video to share your expertise and make life better for your ideal client this winter?

Coaches, I'm talking to you.

What skills can you teach your ideal client to prepare them to be more successful this year?

Where's your Winter Curriculum for Success in Q1?

That could be your first online course and generate some passive income for you.

Mental health professionals, I'm talking to you.

What resources can you provide to help people get through the holiday season, which are challenging months for a lot of people?

A limited-run podcast or short video series where you share some strategies for not letting shorter days get you too down is a resource that many would benefit from.

Maybe you create a private, fee-based online community where you provide additional support and resources, like I do with my Grown Folks' Business community for small business owners.

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Be a solution for someone.

My point is if you're a service-based business owner, you have expertise that can help people.

Helping people begins by making it easy for them to find you because you do no one a service by making them look under rocks to find you.

So think about what you can offer to your folks this winter to help them get through it as gracefully as possible and come out better on the other side.

The pandemic is taking a toll on everyone and if you have expertise that can improve someone's life, I encourage you to make as many people aware as possible.

Video marketing is how you help many more people and grow your business in the process.

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