Hosting A Cooking Show In A Small Kitchen

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Chef Kanin is one of my coaching clients, but there are a lot of lessons for you in his latest video.

A Big Man In A Small Kitchen

Every day, I hear from people claiming that their kitchen is too small for a cooking show.

I've heard this from people who have a kitchen more than double the size of the kitchen that Kanin is cooking in.

Kanin's small kitchen is actually an asset. It makes his show cozy in a way that would not be possible in a "dream" kitchen.

And his cooking show is relatable to more people because more people have a regular kitchen than a dream kitchen.

Your Phone Is All You Need To Get Started

Another thing I hear on a daily basis is people saying they don't have the money to start a cooking show.

Or they can't afford to buy the equipment necessary.

Or they don't have a film crew to record them.

Kanin is showing you that none of those things are necessary.

He's recording himself with two cameras that he is operating himself. So you do not need a film crew to record a cooking show.

The main camera that Kanin is using is the kind of camera that many people mistakenly think they need.

His secondary camera for the overhead angle is his iPhone:

  • His iPhone produced the higher quality video:
  • His iPhone is at the proper brightness level.
  • The color is correct on his iPhone.
  • His iPhone has no recording time limit.

Just by pressing the record button, his iPhone did exactly what he wanted it to do.

His main camera, on the other hand:

  • Was underexposed (not bright enough).
  • The color was off.
  • Has a 30-minute recording limit and turned off before he was finished recording the video.

Most people who think they need a better camera than their phone will actually end up producing a worse video than their phone would have produced because they don't know how to operate a camera.

So needing a better camera is not stopping you from having a cooking show.

Kanin Is Using His Cooking Show To Promote His Business

He earns his living as a paramedic, but he has a side business as a Smoked Lamb Specialist.

And he included a commercial for his business inside his video.

He also promoted his digital cookbook that we have in development.

This is a paramedic using YouTube to promote his food business better than most full-time food business owners.

Watch Kanin's video on your TV and ask yourself if it's not as good or better than any cooking show you've ever seen on TV.

He's using YouTube to build his business. He started with what he has and he's using it to work his way to where he wants to be.

What we're going to work on next is building his online ordering system so he doesn't have to do phone calls, text messages, or emails just to process orders.

He has a standard menu, so there's no reason people can't click and order, just like on Amazon. He'll make more money faster and easier and the process will be better for the customer, too.

Why Professional Chefs Don't Have Cooking Shows

Kanin's kitchen is also an example of why professional chefs cannot start cooking shows, but home chefs do start them and build high-revenue businesses with them.

I've talked to too many pro chefs who insist that they have to have a Martha Stewart kitchen before starting their cooking show.

So years and years and years go by and they never start their cooking show.

Meanwhile, home cooks like Kanin start with what they have and get their cooking show going.

The home cook shows up every week with a new video and grows their YouTube channel to hundreds of thousands of subscribers or over a million subscribers.

Some of those subscribers are paying customers that provide the money to buy the house that has the dream kitchen in it.

So the home cook uses the kitchen they have to get the kitchen they want.

And the professional chef still hasn't even gotten started.

If you don't believe me, look at as many independently run YouTube cooking channels as you want and keep track of how many are run by professional chefs versus home cooks.

Pro chefs should own the market on YouTube cooking shows, but instead the opposite is true.

In this article, I explained to you why that is.

Reality Check

Whether you're a pro chef or a home cook, after looking at Kanin's video and this email, ask yourself if the only thing stopping you from having a cooking show is you?


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