How To Change Your Life in 2024 With Your Cooking Show

Now is the time of year to start planning for 2024 if you want to use a cooking show to change your life.

Here's what should be a flashing red light on your calendar right now:

  • The holiday shopping season is right around the corner. That's the perfect time to sell a holiday season cookbook.
  • New Year's resolution season. January is the perfect time to sell a weight loss or meal prep cookbook.

If you don't get your cookbook created and ready for sale right now, you're going to miss the opportunity to sell cookbooks in the holiday season because it takes time to put a cookbook together.

And January will be here in a blink so, again, if you don't get your cookbook created and ready for sale soon, you're not going to be ready when January gets here.

Personal Transformation Is Big Business

If you plan for your success, you can use January to set yourself up for the entire year.

January is when you can launch your private membership community where people pay a monthly membership fee for access.

Here's the simple math on how that works with just a $20/mo membership fee:

  • $20/mo x 500 community members = $10,000 EVERY MONTH

We're not talking about getting tens of thousands of social media followers.

We're talking about finding just 500 people on planet Earth who would be happy to pay $20/mo to be in your cooking community because it makes their life better.

Those 500 people can change your life because their membership fees will allow you to quit your job if you want to.

Will You Get 500 Members In January?

It's possible because health and wellness are such popular themes in January.

"New year, new you!" is a popular sentiment.

If you provide a private community where people can go on a healthy eating and weight loss journey together, all you need is 10 people from each state in the U.S. who want to lose weight and there's your 500 people.

That's very achievable.

It's Even Better If You Partner With A Fitness Instructor

In your private online community, your fitness partner can provide workout programs and even lead group exercise sessions via video.

By offering a community with all three elements (diet, exercise, peer support), you're absolutely offering something that's worth way more than $20/mo.

So it will be an easy sell at just $20/mo.

But You Have To Build It First

If you're going to have a community for people to join in January, you have to build it now.

You have to:

  • Build your private online community
  • Create your meal prep cookbook
  • Find a fitness instructor to partner with, if you want to offer a fitness component
  • Do a soft launch with a few people to help you work out the bugs
  • Put together your marketing campaign so you'll have people ready to join as soon as you launch in January

This Is What Success In 2024 Looks Like

Success in 2024 requires advanced planning in 2023.

That business you want that allows you to work from home and spend more time with your's not going to build itself.

Dreaming is a part of it, but you have to move past dreaming and into planning if you're ever going to change your life.

You may not get your 500 subscribers in January and that's fine, because that's why it's called building a business. You'll work your way up to your 500 subscribers one subscriber at a time.

And eventually, you'll have a work from home business and complete control of your life.

But only if you get started. Your life will not change until you decide to change it. The only way you get to your 500 subscribers is to get started.

By the way, my Celebrity Chef Masterclass is where you can get help with your plan for using your cooking skills to create a better life for yourself. Click here to learn more.


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