How To Come Up With Marketing Ideas For Your Business

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I'm able to come up with so many great marketing ideas because I start my days without the internet. "Create before you consume" is a mantra I learned from a business coach years ago when I ran a photography business.

I've found it to be quite startling to see how much the internet destroys my ability to come up with ideas.

If your brain is in consumption mode, you're not coming up with ideas because there's no space for your brain to work in the background on your goals.

If you start your day checking websites, your email inboxes, various social media platforms, and everything else that the internet has to offer, you're wasting your first hour or two of a fresh mind after a good night's sleep.

Trying To Come Up With Online Business Ideas?

If you're like me and you're sharpest in the morning with waning sharpness/focus as the day wears on, then you really ought to consider if you want to waste the best hours of your day by jumping on the internet to look at stuff that will always be available at any time.
But that morning clarity that you get and those ideas that can come to you first thing in the morning because your brain has been working on stuff while you slept...those ideas never get to surface if you start your days by immediately opening the internet fire hydrant.
Leveraging your morning clarity will become particularly important if you decide to operate a paid membership community. In the beginning, you'll be the main contributor to your community and having that morning clarity to come up with ideas for educating and inspiring your community members will be invaluable.

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That morning time is also where your blog post ideas will come from. Your blog posts will go into your automated emails and your automated marketing system just gets better and better over time at attracting your ideal client.

Give it a try for a week and you'll see what I mean. No internet or TV for at least an hour after you wake up. Two hours is better.
And for at least one day, try to make it to noon before checking email or doing anything else online and see what kind of ideas and inspiration come to you that will help you grow your business.
Make sure you have a notebook handy so you can physically write down any ideas as they come to you because it's very important to not try to remember things.
When an idea comes to you, write it down before you lose it.
And if you need help coming up with marketing ideas for your business, you can always schedule a free consultation!

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