How To Get Premium Private Chef Clients

caterer hosting a cooking show

I see too many caterers and private chefs who use instagram as their primary or only marketing platform and all they post is super short videos with music or some voiceover clip that everybody else is using.

If that's all you ever post--to the extent that a person can spend two minutes going through posts on your instagram feed and never actually hear your voice and how you present yourself--how is anybody supposed to hire you?

You haven't shown anybody who YOU are, so how is anybody supposed to hire you?

Because the best clients who have legitimate budgets and are looking to establish an ongoing business relationship with a personal chef or a caterer are going to want to know who they're hiring.

People who have money are busy.

These people are not going to spend extra time and energy trying to figure out who you are when they can just go to someone else's page and immediately get to see and hear who they would be inviting into their home or to their event with their closest friends and family.

Make yourself the easy choice by making videos that actually show people who you are.

A cooking show does that and makes you the easy choice.

20-second instagram videos that look and sound exactly like everybody else's 20-second instagram videos do not make you the easy choice.

Again, this recommendation is for you if you do not have enough clients or do not have enough of the kind of clients that you want.

Doing the exact same thing that millions of other people are doing is not going to take your business to the next level.

Start hosting your own cooking show and demonstrate to people why you're the chef to hire.

By hosting your own full-length cooking show on YouTube, you immediately separate yourself from the millions of people on instagram who are all doing the exact same thing, often with literally the exact same audio.

Go to YouTube and use your unique voice because that's the easiest way for you to make yourself stand out and grow your business.

If you don't know where to begin, that's why I created my Celebrity Chef Masterclass. Click here to start learning how to host your own cooking show today!


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