How To Get Sponsors For Your Cooking Show

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This is the world we live in...where an individual can build themselves into a brand that the biggest brands in the world want to partner with.

Eva zu Beck has one of the best YouTube channels in the world.

Go look at how she built a Land Rover and traveled the world in it and you wouldn't believe it was possible for a solo female to do it if you weren't witnessing it with your own eyes.

Her travel videos are better than anything you've ever seen on Netflix or PBS or anywhere else.

That's the power of YouTube. You can simply make the videos you want to make and end up creating something unique and best in the world.

You just have to commit to the process, show up consistently, and enjoy the journey.

As Eva says in the video, she never could have imagined being where she is. 

If you check out her YouTube channel and follow her journey to get here, you'll see what committing to the process, showing up consistently, and enjoying the journey looks like.

There Are No Shortcuts To Success

Set a big goal, stay focused on it, develop your system for making daily progress, and just do the work. 

Find your happiness in doing the work and the results will eventually come.

Getting Sponsors For Your Cooking Show

The first and most obvious thing is that you must first have a cooking show.

Too often, I get people contacting me asking how to get sponsors for their cooking show and they don't even have a cooking show!

Sponsors pay you to get in front of your audience.

Toyota wants to work with Eva zu Beck because she's built a YouTube channel with almost two million subscribers of people who are in Toyota's target audience.

The VIP treatment that Eva is getting is VIP treatment that she earned by doing the work it took to earn it.

What have you done?

If you're looking for sponsors, what have you done that would make you attractive to sponsors?

Yeah, you can cook. And???

There's 8 billion people on the planet and they all have to eat every day, so lots of people know how to cook.

What have you done that would make you attractive to a sponsor, considering that you're competing against people like Eva zu Beck for sponsorship opportunities?

I'm not asking this to make you feel bad, I'm doing this to give you a reality check about what it really takes to get sponsors.

You have to actually BUILD something to be attractive to sponsors and the thing you build has to be significant. You cannot just be regular and average like everybody else in the world and expect sponsors to pay you for that.

If you haven't built something exceptional, then your task is to focus on doing that because any talk of getting sponsors before you've actually built anything is ridiculous.

Nobody gets paid for their potential. We each get paid for the results we have a track record of delivering.

I have a client who launched her cooking channel and immediately got thousands of dollars in monthly sponsorships.

But that was because she'd already built and sold a business that put a product on the shelf in all the Whole Foods in the United States and Canada.

So she got sponsors based on her track record. AND she had actually started a cooking show that she was publishing on a weekly basis so she could show them what they were investing their money into.

We All Get Paid For Results

If you want sponsors for your cooking show, you must first start a cooking show and build it into something.

Until you've done that, you're just out here talking like everybody else.

Talk is cheap and it doesn't get sponsors.

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