How To Make $420K A Year With A YouTube Cooking Show

case study

Watch this video and look at what this man had to go through and how hard he had to work to make $420,000 per year.

Here's how you can make $420K/year:

  1. Create a paid membership community where you teach people how to cook.
  2. Charge $35/mo.
  3. Find 1000 people who are willing to pay $35/mo to learn from you.

$35 x 1000 x 12 = $420K/year

Is it easy?


Nothing worthwhile is.

Is it simple?


Because all you're doing is cooking and teaching.

And if you're really passionate about food and about teaching people, you can deliver an experience to people that is worth way more than $35/mo. So the right people will happily pay you $35/mo.

And all you have to do is find 1000 of those people out of the 8 billion people on planet Earth.

How do you find them?


If you host a cooking show on YouTube and show you up every week, week after week, you will find your $35/mo students, one student at a time.

You're not going to start out making $420K/year, but you'll move closer towards it every week with each video that you post.

And all you're doing is what you already do: cooking.

Making a lot of money as a chef is not complicated.

Not in this golden era that we're in right now where you can host your own cooking show on YouTube that draws people into your paid membership community where you can deliver whatever experience you want to deliver and charge whatever you want to charge for it.

In the history of the world, there has never been a better time to be a chef because you can use YouTube to open any doors you want to open for yourself.

Who knows how long this will last?

What are you going to do?

Are you going to keep sitting around waiting for million-dollar opportunity to drop out of the sky?

Or are you going to start cooking one recipe per week on YouTube and create your million-dollar business, one cooking show episode at a time?

Because that's all you really have to do...commit to one cooking show episode per week on YouTube and you can pretty much pick any revenue target and just work towards it over a span of years, one week at a time.

Getting Rich...Not Getting Rich Quick

That's what this is about.

You can get rich if you're willing to commit to showing up and cooking on YouTube on a weekly basis, over a span of years.

This shouldn't be hard if cooking is something that you plan to be doing on a daily basis over the next few years anyway.

All we're talking about is preparing one recipe on camera per week.

To get to $420K/year, Eddie Nuñez had to work a lot harder than standing in his kitchen in front of a camera and cooking.

The life you want is right here for you to have.

The only question is are you willing to do the work that's required to get it?

If you really want something, you'll find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse.

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