How To Start Your Cooking Show When You Don't Have Time

If you're a full-time professional, the video below may be the most important video you ever watch because, in this video, I show you how to find time in your schedule to create a cooking show that will make it possible for you to achieve anything and everything you want to accomplish with your career.

First of all, you don't need fancy cameras like the ones I'm using in that video. I own a bunch of fancy cameras because I own a video production business.

You can get started with just your smartphone.

When you're ready to upgrade from your smartphone, I recommend getting the Sony ZV-E10.

How To Make Time For Your Cooking Show: Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

If you're a food industry professional, you're cooking all day most days anyway.

All we're talking about doing here is dedicating one of those days per month to recording your cooking show that will change your life.

With that one day per month, you create all the social media content you need for the entire month!

You don't need to post on all the social media platforms.

With a full-length cooking show, all you really need to do is post one episode per week on YouTube and that can be your entire marketing program because YouTube will go out and find people who want to see your cooking show.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. And it's owned by the largest search engine (Google). So YouTube is full of people searching for your kind of cooking. You just have to show up with some recipes.

And all those great food photos you create, you can post on YouTube, as well.

Yes, you can post photos on YouTube and include a link to a video, so you can use photos to drive even more traffic to your cooking show episodes.

What I'm describing here is a process that is a much more efficient use of your time.

Instead of putting time and energy into posting and praying, what I'm describing here is a strategic marketing campaign where you use YouTube to create your own version of the Food Network...with just one day per month of your time.

Your cooking show is your flagship content that you post just once a week. And you can stop there, if you want because posting one video per week is all you have to do for YouTube to know you're serious and it will do the rest.

But if you have additional creative energy in you, you can also post photos of your food on YouTube that link to existing videos.

Or you can post multiple photos as a poll and ask people to vote on which dish they'd like to see you prepare next. This is an engagement tool on YouTube that is seriously underutilized by chefs.

Instead of doing what millions of other people are doing on Instagram and TikTok, you can create serious engagement on YouTube simple by posting three food photos as a poll and asking which dish people want to see you prepare next.

You don't have to figure out what people want to see because you can just reach into your library of food photos you already have on your phone and let people tell you what they want to see!

Can you see how excited people would be about getting to participate in your cooking show in that way?

Food photo polls are a super simple, super easy way to get engagement on YouTube and they take no time or effort at all to do.

If time is really an issue for you, you're wasting a lot of time and energy on Instagram and TikTok doing things that will not create as much engagement as your food photo polls on YouTube.

Quit Making Reels and TikToks and Start Making YouTube Shorts

Those short format vertical videos that you're posting on Instagram and can create that type of video on YouTube, as well.

And guess what? You can include a link to a full-length video on your YouTube channel, so you can create teaser videos that will reach a ton of people and send those people to your full length cooking show.

And those people WILL watch your full-length cooking videos because that's what people come to YouTube to do!

YouTube is the only platform where people go to spend ten or twenty or forty-five minutes watching just you.

People do not go to YouTube to swipe the way they do on the other social media platforms. People go to YouTube to watch full-length videos from one person.

All you have to do to get people to spend 15 minutes watching you on YouTube is prepare one recipe that takes 15 minutes.

What would you have to do on Instagram or TikTok to get someone to watch you for 15 minutes?

A Marketing STRATEGY For Creating The Future You Want

What I've presented here is a YouTube marketing STRATEGY that will take less time than what you're currently doing and produce better results because what better result can you have than people tuning in to watch and learn from you for ten to twenty minutes at a time?

Instead of doing a bunch of random posting and hoping that something takes off, what I've presented here is a plan for where you focus all of your efforts and your limited time on the one platform that will yield the most benefit.

With this plan, you're not trying something different every week, you're sticking to one, focused marketing campaign to promote your cooking show.

Nothing you can do on any other social media platform is going to create the results that you can create by having your own full-length cooking show where you're spending ten minutes or more with your viewers, week after week.

All this requires from you is one day per month of your time.

And as you continue to create episodes, you continue to build a library of content for people to binge.

Can you see how you can use YouTube to build your own version of the Food Network where you get to lead the dialogue on food however you choose?

And all you have to do to turn that vision into your reality is dedicate one day per month to recording yourself cook...when you were already going to be cooking anyway.

It really is that simple.


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