How To Use Instagram To Grow Your Private Chef Business

The first thing you have to do is stop doing what everyone else is doing.

Stop using these audio tracks that everybody on Instagram is using, which seems to be the current trend to please the algorithm.

Whether it's music tracks or voiceover clips, I can’t tell you how many people come to me for help with a cooking show and I look at their Instagram page and it’s nothing but videos with the same song-of-the-week or voiceover clips that everyone else is using.

If that's all you post, then somebody exploring your page has no idea what your voice sounds like because you never actually let people hear you speak.

That's not how you get hired as a private chef. That's Instagram getting you to do what benefits Instagram.

Building YOUR Brand

If you want to use social media to get people to hire you--especially PREMIUM clients--do you really think it’s a good idea to have an Instagram page where people never get to actually hear you speak?

Yeah, I know everybody’s using the trending audio tracks because the algorithm likes it, but does more views mean anything if it’s not getting you hired by premium clients?

If you do what everybody does, you’re going to get what everybody gets.

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Separate Yourself From The Kids

If you’re a serious adult trying to grow a real business, then act like it.

You can make some fun videos, but if none of your videos have you speaking to the camera and communicating like an adult about your approach to food and how you service your clients, etc, do you think that’s really giving you the best opportunity to get hired?

If you want premium clients--and I mean the people who have real, legitimate budgets--then you have to present yourself like a serious businessperson.

Your social media is the face of your business and if all you’re showing people is videos with whatever voiceover or music clip is popular this week, what do you really expect to get from that?

Again, I’m not saying don’t have fun. But I am saying that I see too many Instagram pages where there’s nothing on there that allows me to experience the actual business owner.

If I’m looking to hire a caterer or a personal chef, I’m going to look elsewhere and find somebody whose social media shows me who exactly it is I’m hiring.

So go through your Instagram feed and see how many posts someone has to scroll through before they can hear you speak with your actual voice. You might not like what you see.

Make Yourself Easy To Hire

Start adding some simple videos to the mix where you speak plainly and clearly about whatever it is you're doing in the video and how you can provide this and other services to address the needs of a potential client.

Just drop in a short video once a month or once a week that tells people what exactly is you offer and how they can hire you.

Even better is if you can tell them to head over to YouTube to see your cooking show and really get to experience what it is you have to offer.

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