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If you're a working mother with young children, I don't have to tell you the childcare crisis that the pandemic has created.

And if you're in the sandwich generation, having to care for young children AND elderly parents, the problems that the pandemic has created are even worse.

And working mothers are bearing the brunt of it all.

I want to encourage some of you working moms to consider alternative ways to monetize your expertise.

You don't have to go to a job to make money.

Creating online courses may be the work-from-home solution that you're looking for. And this work-from-home solution is actually legit.

Many of you are professional educators, even if you don't hold an educator's title.

If you spend much of your days applying your years of training and on-the-job experience to solving problems and creating solutions, then you have expertise that you can sell in the form of an online course (passive income) or a coaching or consulting business.

These are businesses that you can run from your home and make more money than you make on your existing job because there are no pay scales or glass ceilings when you run your own business.

I'm not encouraging you to quit your job. I'm not a fan of that "take the leap" nonsense at all.

But if you're already thinking about it--or are being forced by your circumstances to figure SOMETHING out because your status quo is about to fall apart any day now--then I encourage you to start with thinking about what online course you can teach.

An online course is side income that doesn't require you to quit your job. And, as I demonstrated in the video, it's something you can work on while your kids are asleep!

Once you start growing your online course revenue, it can ultimately match or surpass your salary and then you have options.

Your online course will also open the door for your coaching / consulting business, if you want one, because some of the people who take your online course will want more help and be prepared to pay you for it.

And they don't tell you how much you get to make. YOU decide how much your expertise is worth.

Don't try to figure this all out by yourself.

That's a mistake that causes way too many smart women to trade one bad situation for another.

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There's a lot involved in building a coaching or consulting business that actually gives you more time and energy and money than it takes from you.

If you feel like you need to figure out some kind of solution for making money from your home, you are much more likely to succeed if you ask for help from someone who has done it.

I have no magic beans or silver bullets to offer, but I can provide you with a step by step process that will work if you follow it.

Like I pointed out in the video, you just have to decide one day to be your own hero.

The rest is just following the same instruction manual that many heroes before you followed, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel yourself.

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