Mailchimp Just Sold For $12B: Here's Why You Should Care

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There's a powerful confluence of events occurring right now that are really setting the stage for you to turn your knowledge into a generational wealth-building business.

Number One

Online education is projected to be a $300 billion industry by 2025.

More and more people are doing the math on a college education and the lifetime of student loan debt that comes with it and concluding it's not worth it.

In today's world, a person can learn high-income-producing skills without going to college.

That presents a huge opportunity for those who can teach high-income-producing skills online.

Number Two

Intuit (the company that owns QuickBooks) just bought Mailchimp (the email marketing platform) for $12 BILLION!

Intuit's target market is small business owners.

If Intuit is willing to invest twelve billion dollars into an email marketing solution for small business owners, do you think they might see a connection between email marketing and significant revenue for small business owners?

Do you think Intuit's investment might suggest it's a good idea for you to incorporate email marketing into your business?

Number Three

CNN just reported on how pandemic-related supply chain disruptions are creating a real problem for people whose money burns a hole in their pockets.

They want to spend, but the stuff they would normally buy is unavailable.

Add It All Up

If you put those three things together, you'll see a real opportunity during this pandemic for people who package their expertise in the form of an online course.

Email marketing is the primary marketing channel for many successful online educators. These are regular people, just like you, some making millions of dollars per year selling online courses.

Here's how you can do the same thing:

  1. Create your online course.
  2. Offer an information product (called a lead magnet) in exchange for an email address.
  3. Use your email marketing platform to put yourself in the inbox of your ideal client on a regular basis until they're ready to buy from you.

The Flow Of Money Never Stops

It just changes direction.

Your online course is how you can redirect to your bank account some of that discretionary income that people cannot spend on "stuff" right now because of the disrupted supply chain.

That money has to go somewhere. Why not create a path for that money to flow to you?

In my Business In A Box, in 60 days or less, you can learn how to build your end-to-end automated marketing and sales system for delivering your online course.

Your Big Opportunity Is Right In Front Of You

I just laid the game out for you entirely so you can't say later "I wish I'd known..."

This is your chance to buy Apple stock when it was just $10 per share.

The difference here is the product is your knowledge and you can boost your stock value immediately by packaging it into an online course and putting it on the market right now when the opportunity exists for explosive growth.

If you want help, I can help you. But if you wait until "one day" you're going to miss this wave of opportunity.

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