Partnerships vs Parasites

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I had a conversation with a business owner the other day who asked me what I thought about a situation where someone wanted to make a business introduction for her if they could get ten percent of the business she generated from that client, forever.

I told her to drop that individual like a hot brick because she doesn't need parasites like that in her life.

Your True Supporters Are Not Looking For A Payday

Don't get me wrong. I'm for everyone getting paid.

But if you have done nothing but made an introduction, you have done nothing that merits getting paid.

I am a strong proponent of strategic partnerships.

But each party involved needs to have a way to get paid that doesn't involve the other party writing them a check.

You can't expect to get paid in perpetuity for doing nothing.

And you can't keep people around you who expect to get paid in perpetuity for doing nothing!

So when someone wants to make an introduction or a referral, but only if they can get paid, tell them you don't do business that way. You don't need those parasites in your life.

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Surround yourself with people who mention your name when you're not present because they believe in what you do and because it makes them feel good to support your business AND connect people to someone (you) who they know will take great care of them.

Those are the kind of people you want on your team because with a team like that, winning becomes easy for everyone.

The only thing more impossible than trying to win by yourself is trying to win when you're surrounded by the wrong people.

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