Setting Up His Retirement With His Cooking Show

Here's the latest episode of Chef Winston's cooking show.

There's a lot going on in that video, so I'm going to point some things out here:

  • He's recording with his phone. So that nonsense you tell yourself about you needing a bunch of expensive equipment is just that: nonsense.
  • He's doing product placement. He's cooking with his Johnny Cake product in this episode. And you also see his spice blends in the background.
  • He has a cookbook coming out later this year that he'll also be promoting in his cooking show.

How's he making it look so easy?

He's not trying to do everything by himself:

  • He has a video editor.
  • He has a virtual assistant.
  • He hired me as his coach.

The reason you don't have a cooking show is because you're trying to do everything and figure everything out by yourself. And you're never going to figure it all out because no successful cooking show you've ever seen is a one-person operation.

He's Setting Up His Retirement

Chef Winston has been a professional chef for over 30 years.

He knows he can't run his catering business forever and with his cooking show, he's laying the foundation for his happy retirement.

He's going to continue doing what he loves, without having to do all the physical labor. And he's never going to have to worry about money:

  • We launched his paid membership community so he's getting paid to teach home cooks how to get better in the kitchen.
  • We structured his coaching program so he's getting paid to teach aspiring caterers the business of food.
  • He sells his spice blends.
  • He sells his Johnny Cake mix.
  • He's going to start selling cookbooks later this year.

Chef Winston is a man with a plan and he's enjoying every minute of implementing it.

And, again, he is NOT trying to do everything and figure everything out by himself. He got the clarity and accountability he needed to do these things because he signed up for coaching.

The sooner you decide to stop trying to figure everything out by yourself, the sooner you'll start building the life you envision for yourself.

How much of your life you waste spinning your wheels is entirely up to you.

When it's time to retire, Chef Winston will be ready.

Will you?


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