She Went From Not Knowing How To Cook To Owning Two Restaurants

Key Takeaways

"It was never I dream that I had because it felt like something that was far too unattainable for someone like me."

Belief in yourself is the key ingredient that makes absolutely anything possible.

"Look for the people who are in your corner and keep them close."

It's rough out here when you are chasing a dream.

It's much less rough when you surround yourself with people who support you and encourage you and actively work to help you.

Those people also help you with all the negative self-talk that you deliver to yourself.

Negative self-talk is always straight foolishness, but it sounds reasonable when it's the only voice you hear.

But when you're around the right people and you make "I can't do it" statements, those people will point out the foolishness and point out all the reasons why you absolutely can do the thing and they're going to help you do it.

That's the kind of support you get when you sign up for my Celebrity Chef Masterclass. It comes with membership in my private online community where you not only get training, but you get support from others who are on a similar journey.

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