There's Never Been An Easier Time To Succeed With A Cooking Show

We've gotten to a place in our society where making excuses and taking no accountability is the norm.

Compared to previous generations that had to work through real adversity to accomplish anything, most people today are just weak.

Weak-minded, weak-spirited, lazy, and full of excuses.

In this environment, you don't need to do much to be successful.

If you show up on time, you show up CONSISTENTLY, and you do what you know you're supposed to do instead of offering excuses for why you didn't do it, you will stand head and shoulders above everybody else and everything you want in life is achievable.

You don't need superpowers. You don't need special talent. You don't even need a high level of skill.

If you just take your expertise to YouTube once a week, CONSISTENTLY, OVER TIME, even if you're at below average skill level, you will be able to create whatever life you want for yourself.

You'll have all the best opportunities in the world available to you because even the most talented people have lost the ability to just show up on time, consistently, and without any excuses.

That's where we've gotten as a society.

If you can just show up and deliver value reliably and without excuses, you will win the game of life because most people these days cannot do that and you will win by default because nobody else showed up.

The success bar is so low right now that if you're not living the life you want to live, you really need to look in the mirror and ask yourself some hard questions.

  • Are you getting up and doing EVERY DAY what is required to achieve the life you want?
  • Or are you just making excuses every day?

You can make progress or you can make excuses. You cannot do both.

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