Video Marketing Ideas For Your Business

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Making videos is a great way to create brand awareness, grow your business, and make an impact on the world by helping many more people.

AND you can have fun in the process!

Your Video Marketing Strategy Can Take A Lot Of Different Forms

There are so many different ways you can use video marketing build your brand:

  • Explainer videos to post on your website and various social platforms to answer FAQs.
  • Testimonial videos to provide social proof of the quality of your solutions.
  • Live video broadcasts to create fun, interactive ways to engage your audience.

In this article, I'm going to show you some video marketing tips featuring real business owners using their version of video marketing to create brand awareness and customer engagement.

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How Do I Start My Own Cooking Show?

Cheron Burns is an escapee of corporate America who left the glass ceiling behind to run her own catering business where the sky is the limit.

That's her 4400 square foot commercial kitchen you see her in.

You can check out Cheron's origin story here.

Cheron is using her weekly cooking show as her platform for delivering educational videos that teach people how to live a healthier lifestyle by eating healthy.

Here's one of her episodes:

What Cheron is demonstrating here is why it's so much better to create your own cooking show than it is to be a guest on someone else's platform.

You've probably seen lots of chefs and caterers as guests on morning shows or daytime shows trying to teach a cooking class.

In those demo videos, all they get is a couple of minutes to speed-talk you through everything and that's it. If they're lucky, they'll get to come back for two more minutes at some point in the future.

With Cheron's cooking show, she gets to go at whatever pace is right for presenting the recipe the way she wants. And she gets to come back every week to present another recipe, instead of waiting for chances to be a guest on someone else's show.

By building her own platform, Cheron gets to actually deliver her cooking show in a way that people can follow along.

And she's growing her business in the process.

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Here's another one of Cheron's recipes, specifically for vegans and the people who cook for them:

You Don't Need A Commercial Kitchen To Create Your Cooking Show

As Chef Jazz shows you here, you can produce your cooking show out of your apartment!

Chef Jazz is another escapee of corporate America, by the way.

With the tools and the technology we have available to us today, you don't have to stay in a situation that doesn't work for you.

With just your smartphone, you can start building your bridge to the life you want and creating your own cooking show is a great way to do it!

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How To Start A Talk Show Online

What you see in the video above is someone just like you being a talk show host, just like you see on television all the time.

The only difference is that, unlike in years past, you don't have to move to Los Angeles or New York and go through a TV network to be a TV show host anymore.

YouTube and Facebook have billions of users, each. If you have a TV show in your mind that you want to put out in front of the world, it really is quite simple to be a television host these days.

If you want to do your version of The Daily Show or daytime talk, or even your own late night talk show, you can absolutely do it.

Here's another example of the kind of talk shows that you could host using just your smartphone:

A daytime talk show like this is probably the easiest kind of TV talk show to replicate using just your smartphone.

How Do Talk Shows Make Money?

If making money is one of your objectives for your talk show, you have two basic options: direct monetization and indirect monetization.

Here are some direct monetization strategies, meaning you're in complete control of them:
  • Active Income
    • Professional services that you offer through your coaching or consulting business
    • Paid speaking engagements
  • Passive Income
    • Sell your book
    • Physical products (mugs, t-shirts...any kind of merchandise you want to sell)
    • Digital products
      • Your online course
      • Your e-book
  • Recurring Income
    • Your paid membership community
    • Your monthly coaching program
    • Charge a subscription fee to watch your show

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Indirect monetization strategies include:
  • Sponsorships
    • Product sponsorships
    • Paid advertising
  • Endorsement / influencer / brand ambassador deals
  • Affiliate advertising
  • Advertising networks
  • Platform ads (YouTube, Spotify, etc)

The indirect monetization strategies are ones you do not directly control and it takes much longer to make money this way (if you're ever able to at all).

It takes some measure of celebrity status to become attractive to sponsors. It's much easier to become an internet celebrity than it was to become a celebrity through traditional media outlets, but it is still extremely difficult.

So the quick answer to making money as a talk show host is to design your show to be profitable without the sponsors that traditional TV talk shows need.

How To Make Money With Your Talk Show Fast

The fastest, simplest way for talk shows to make money is to have products and/or services that your viewers can buy directly from you.

Many people make the mistake of thinking they'll make money from one of the indirect strategies, not realizing that it will take them years to build the kind of viewership that will make those avenues available.

If your goal is to make money and you'd like to do it in the shortest amount of time possible, focus your video production efforts on the direct monetization strategies.

You don't have to have your monetization tools in place right at the beginning, but you do want to at least have your monetization strategy formulated so you have a plan for exactly how you're going to make money with your talk show.

How Do You Promote A Talk Show / What Makes A Talk Show Successful?

Publishing your talk show through your blog and sending it out via email is a simple way to make it as easy as possible for your viewers to buy your products and services. Email marketing has a 40X return on investment, compared to social media marketing.

Delivering your show through a blog pulls people onto your website where you have many more tools available to you to make sales than if you just send people to your YouTube channel or other social media platform.

You will make more money (if that's your goal) by building your talk show on top of a platform that you own (your email list).

It will take the same amount of effort as building a social media following, but a small, fanatical list of email subscribers is worth way more than a large number of distracted social media followers.

When you're in someone's inbox, you have their undivided attention.

That's why email marketing is such a critical tool for distributing your video content that will help a potential customer get the information they need to become a customer.

Talk Show Format Ideas

What if I'm not confident on camera?

That doesn't mean you can't host a talk show.

Here's an example where only your guest appears on camera:

Another thing you can do is start off with one type of show and do a spinoff to create another type of show, like you see Cheron has done here:

Talking Head Videos

Depending on your type of business and your target audience, much shorter talking head videos might be the content marketing solution you're looking for.

Everyone is super busy these days.

If you could deliver something useful to your target audience in five minutes or less, do you think that would be a bad thing?


The talking head video format is a very simple way to use video to communicate with the world.

In one recording session of just an hour or two, you can record five to ten videos that you can then publish on a daily basis or on weekdays only or just once a week to make them last even longer.

And the best part is all you need to get started is your smartphone.

You can start out with a talking head video format and work your way up to hosting your own talk show or live streaming or making whatever kind of videos you want.

With internet video, there are no gatekeepers and there is no glass ceiling. You can make whatever kind of videos you want as part of your social media marketing strategy and share them with the world.

And you can do it right now.

How To Promote A Book On Social Media

Video marketing is perhaps the most powerful and effective tool you have available for promoting your book to a mass audience.

With video marketing, you are able to promote your book online for free via social media and do it in a way that's fun and easy for both you and the customers you're trying to reach.

Imagine the discussions you could kick off on social media by reading an excerpt of your book the way Danita did.

Video marketing is the new way to do your book promo tour and reach many more people than you could have otherwise.

Create An Online Course

Like I said, online education is projected to be a $300 billion industry by 2025.

Again, there are no gatekeepers.

I didn't have to ask anyone's permission or get any kind of approval to create my online courses.

What equipment do you need to create an online course?

As I demonstrated in the video above, all you really need to get started is your smartphone!

Berri teaches workshops in Maryland, but with her online course, Berri's career development workshops are available for anyone in the world to purchase.

That's how you can take your business online and make more money than you were making before the pandemic.

If you have a signature workshop that you know like the back of your hand, you have an online course that will start generating passive income for you as soon as you put it on video and make it available for sale.

Video Testimonials

As demonstrated in the video below, customer testimonial videos are an invaluable tool in your video marketing toolbox:


There are many ways to implement a video marketing strategy for your business.

If nothing else, the most important video marketing tip for you to take away is that video is a team sport.

Video editing is an extremely time-consuming task that you want to outsource as soon as possible because, as a small business owner, video editing is not a revenue-generating task that you should be personally doing.

Don't fall into the trap of editing your own videos because it's fun. You'll cost yourself a ton of time and money doing that.

Once you've gotten comfortable with video content, you'll be able to move into paid video advertising which will put your video ads in front of millions of people in your target audience quickly.

And that's when the money really starts rolling in.

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