What To Do When Your Ghost Kitchen Fails

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With Sabina's new mail order meal prep service, she can get all the benefits of having a ghost kitchen in DC, but without any of the expense.

This is possible because we're also going to start advertising her business on a local email list in DC that has over 10,000 subscribers in one particular affluent neighborhood. I've used this email list to get new customers and repeat business for other clients I've worked with.

It's extremely cost-effective to advertise on that email list and it will get Sabina's food on more tables in DC without her having to drive 50 miles one way from Frederick, MD to DC.

Sabina will also get clients from that email list for her paid cooking community.

A New Beginning

The closing of her ghost kitchen was just the beginning of a new, much more profitable chapter for Sabina's business.

And the reason all of this happened for Sabina so quickly is because she hired me as her business coach instead of continuing to struggle to figure everything out alone.

Ghost kitchens don’t seem to be working out for anyone, so don’t think it’s just you.

Give some thought to hosting your own cooking show. It’s a way more cost-effective way to earn a living with your culinary skills and you can do it from your home kitchen.

When you've had enough of struggling alone and want to use a cooking show to open doors for yourself, click here to schedule your Cooking Show Strategy Session.


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