When A Master Chef Has Imposter Syndrome This Is What It Looks Like

case study

Here's some clips from a strategy session I did with a chef the other day who has everything he needs to create the life he wants for himself and for his family, but he cannot get himself to do it.

This chef has 30+ years of experience 

And he's had clients that include NBA players, as well as comedian Kevin Hart.

But instead of taking action to use those opportunities to create his dream life, he's wasting his precious time on Earth by maintaining his status quo as an employee working for someone else, instead of pursuing his dream.

The overall lesson here is the longer you wait to create the life you want, the less time you'll have to spend in it.

Don't Waste Time...Because You Only Get One Shot At Life

Here's the full strategy session where you can hear the whole story:

Lots of lessons here for chefs who have 10+ years of experience.

The more experience you have, the less likely you are to have a cooking show because you will overthink it and try to make it perfect and never get started.

Meanwhile, home cooks who have no formal culinary training are building work from home businesses that free them financially, like you see Jessica doing here:

Check Yourself

It's easier to see wasted opportunity when it's someone else.

So use this chef's situation as a mirror for yourself and take a hard look.

Ask yourself if you are similarly skilled and are similarly under-performing with your abilities.

And that's not based on someone else's opinion.

Are you under-performing based on what YOU believe you're capable of accomplishing during your precious, limited time on planet Earth?

Are you living the best life that you know you are capable of living?

Because you don't have forever to get this right. None of us has unlimited tomorrows promised to us.

If you see yourself or your situation in any part of this chef's story, you're in the right place to get help doing something about it.

My Celebrity Chef Masterclass (click here) is how you can get help with using your cooking skills to create the life you want.


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