Why Being Older Is A Significant Business Advantage

case study

Vanessa Lau is one of the giants in the online education space.

That's the same space you're going to be in if you want to make money with your cooking show.

Vanessa's business grew quickly to multiple 7-figures.

And then she had to shut it all down because it had ruined her life.

In the video below, you'll hear Vanessa share her story.

What you'll see in the video is what's possible for you to achieve (the revenue potential in online education), as well as what led to Vanessa's downfall.

And you'll also learn why what derailed Vanessa probably won't happen to you.

Basically, Vanessa started making millions of dollars per year in her early 20s and just didn't have the life experience to be able to handle it.

So she crashed and burned...just like 99.9% of us would have.

She just did not have the necessary life experience to handle what she had created. But now, with a few more years on planet Earth under her belt, she's going to be able to start again and be just fine.

You Probably Already Have The Necessary Life Experience

I target all my content at Gen X and above. So if you're reading this, you're probably in that group.

Gen X has knowledge that we can use to build online education businesses just like Vanessa did. We actually have knowledge and wisdom that takes decades to acquire.

That means we also already have all the life experience that Vanessa didn't have that caused her to fail.

So look at her story not as a cautionary tale, but as an example of how you can earn your living by selling your knowledge, just like Vanessa did. Because the things that derailed Vanessa are not likely to be a problem for you.

The Lau Family (no relation to Vanessa, but directly related to you)

The Lau family is an example of what you can achieve by taking your cooking skills to the internet and teaching people.

This is the exact same business model (online education) that Vanessa used to build her business. The only difference is the specific type of knowledge being sold.

You can build a 7-figure business using your culinary knowledge, just like you see the Lau family doing.

This is what I teach you how to do in my Celebrity Chef Masterclass. Click here to learn more.


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