Why You DO NOT Want Your Cooking Show on the Food Network

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The Hollywood strike is providing some real insights into how the entertainment industry works.

If you have ambitions to have your own cooking show on the Food Network or to participate in any of the countless cooking competitions that are on TV, there's actually a much better and much easier way to do it.

It's called YouTube.

Here's some fun facts about YouTube you might not be aware of:

So if you want to be a TV chef, being on the YouTube makes you a TV chef.

And you don't have to audition or jump through any other hoops to do it.

You can have your own cooking show on TV and run it however you see fit simply by putting your cooking show on YouTube.

By the way, my Celebrity Chef Masterclass teaches you how to do this, so be sure to check it out so you can finally have the cooking show and the recognition you deserve.


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