Why YouTube is Better Than TikTok for Your Cooking Show

YouTube is the only platform where people will spend an hour or more watching just you.

People may spend an 20 or 30 minutes scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc, but they’re not spending 20 or 30 minutes or an hour on your page.

On YouTube, they do.

That’s how you let people see what you really have to offer and create opportunities for yourself.

Separating Yourself From Everybody Else

Anybody can create 20-second videos on TikTok and Instagram, so there’s massive competition between millions of people competing for 20 seconds of someone’s attention.

But when you talk about hosting a cooking show for 10 or 20 minutes, you’re not competing against very many people because it takes a completely different level of skill and level of commitment to plan and execute a complete cooking show.

By hosting a cooking show on YouTube, you’re competing against far fewer people and the reward is much bigger.

And, oh yeah, you only have to post once per week on YouTube to keep the algorithm happy.

Creating Financial Independence

For anyone who has cooking skills that they want to use to generate maximum income, there’s every reason in the world to post a cooking video on YouTube once a week and no good reason not to.

One of the main problems people tell me is they don’t have enough time to work on their business.

Audit your social media activity.

If you’re finding time to post on various platforms on a daily basis, but you’re not posting on YouTube just once a week, maybe being more strategic about your social media activity is the solution to your time problem.

YouTube only wants one video per week from you and it will provide you with an audience of people who will watch your video no matter how long it is, if your video is good.

Or you can keep competing for 20 seconds of people attention on TikTok and Instagram.

Which Game Do You Want To Get Good At?

On TikTok and Instagram, winning the game means you get good at holding people's attention for 20 seconds or less.

On YouTube, winning the game means you get good at holding people's attention for 10 minutes or more.

Which of those games do you think has the better long-term benefit to you?

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