Would Hollywood Let You Have A Cooking Show?

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Today, we're going to take a look at two of my coaching clients.

Both are Black male chefs.

Neither specializes in soul food.

And that's where the similarities stop.

But that's not how the food industry sees them.

I've talked to too many Black male chefs who have shared experiences of being typecast as a soul food cook by people who could not see them as anything more.

Take a look at Chef Winston:

Now take a look at Chef Kanin:

The air fryer challenge that Kanin mentioned is the challenge for this month inside my coaching community. I issue challenges like that on a regular basis to push my chefs and to keep things fun and interesting.

As you can see in his taste test, Kanin messed around and impressed himself with an appliance he didn't even want to use. His taste test at the end looked like a sommelier reviewing a fine wine. I love it! Every dish gets reviewed like a Michelin star is at stake!

Hosting your own cooking show is fun and easy when you aren't trying to do it all by yourself.

Hollywood Would Never Allow This

Kanin and Winston couldn't be more different, but what's common between them is they both host fantastic cooking shows.

What TV station can you name that would allow both Winston AND Kanin to have their own weekly cooking shows?

In Hollywood, diversity means "one"...one Black chef, one woman chef, one Chinese chef, one Indian chef, etc.

Do you understand how big China and India are? How could one Chinese chef represent all of China?

On YouTube, there's room for everybody.

I get chefs contacting me daily who want to be on TV and think Top Chef or the Food Network is the way to do it.

I often wonder what TV they're looking at.

Pick whatever cooking show or network you want to be on and ask yourself how many people who look like you are on there?

And if you do see someone who looks like you, how interested do you think the TV executives for that channel are in adding another person who looks like you since they've already checked whichever box you fall into?

There Are No Gatekeepers On YouTube

There's nobody to put you into any box.

You can be as laid back as Kanin or as high-energy as Winston.

You can be who you are and cook what you like to cook.

And you can be on TV this weekend since in U.S. households, YouTube is the number one TV streaming app, not Netflix or any of the others.

YouTube is how you put yourself on TV without having to change yourself to fit into anyone else's limited vision.

We can get started on your show as soon as you decide you're ready to be great.

The first step to get your cooking show started is completing your registration of interest form (click here).


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