You Can Start Your Cooking Show At Any Age

case study

Key points in the video:

@1:40 - You do not have to be perfect. Always be learning.

The experiments are what you can show to your paid subscribers in your private online cooking community.

If the experiment works, great. If not, you all learned something together.

Being able to go on that learning journey together is why people will pay you $20/mo, $50/mo, $100/mo.

All it takes is 500 people paying you $20/mo and you're making $10K/mo from cooking in your home kitchen...whether your experiments are successful or not!

@5:00 - What was your reason for not reaching your dream?

Years from now, is that a question you want to find yourself standing in the mirror asking?

@7:30 - Tony sharing his version of the dish.

This is what the people in your private online cooking community will be doing.

Can you hear Tony's enthusiasm about sharing his work?

You have the ability to create fun food challenges like that for people to take on.

You deliver one recipe per week inside your paid membership community and they'll take it from there and entertain themselves and each other.

That's how online communities work. You create an environment for like-minded people to engage each other and you get paid every month for doing it.

Extended Interview

Think about what kind of cooking community you would host.

If the idea excites you, then your excitement is the reason why people will join and have a great time.

So what was your reason for not reaching your dream?

Because you can get started on it today!

By the way, my Cooking Show Masterclass (click here) is how you can start your own cooking show with just your smartphone...even if you've tried to start a cooking show before and failed!


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