You're Never Too Old To Start A Business

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A 50-year-old entrepreneur is almost twice as likely to start a successful business as a 30-year-old.

And a 60-year-old startup founder is three times as likely to found a successful startup as a 30-year old.

All your years of experience are a tremendous asset, not a liability.

If you have a business idea, you should pursue it!

Step 1: Develop Your Business Plan

The first step is actually to figure out if you even have a good business idea because not every idea is a good one.

Many, many businesses fail because there's no market demand for the solution being presented.

Your idea is only a good idea if there are paying customers who agree.

Step 2: Avoid Making Common Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

You would be wise to learn how to avoid making the mistakes that literally millions of people before you have made when they started their business.

If people's livelihoods and savings weren't at stake, it would be comical how consistently people start businesses and make the same fatal mistakes that everybody before them made.

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It's like watching everyday as hundreds of new people go speeding around the same blind curve and drive right off a cliff.

Tomorrow, there will be hundreds more people making the exact same fatal mistakes that could have been easily avoided by just getting some guidance from someone who knows the area before getting in the car.

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Step 3: Implement Your Business Plan

Once you know you have a solid business idea, and you've gotten some guidance on how to turn your idea into a profitable business, you're going to want to move forward with a plan.

Quitting your job and then trying to figure out how to start a business is to go speeding around that blind curve.

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Lots of people do that. It's heavily romanticized on social media by people who haven't actually done it.

Just because lots of people do something doesn't mean it's a good idea.

You're old enough to know that.

So, by all means, pursue your dream. Just be sure to leverage the wisdom you've acquired over the years and start your business the smart way!

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