Your Number One Job When Creating Your Cooking Show

Each of these people did the number one job you have to do if you want to have your own cooking show:

They Each Got Started!

What you see here is the very first cooking show episode for each of these chefs.

None of the episodes are perfect, which is fine, because perfection was never the goal.

The goals are:

  • Excellence
  • Continual improvement

Those two goals are achievable and you achieve them by creating your first episode and then improving upon it.

The Tragic Mistake That Many People Make

The tragic mistake is perfectionism.

Trying to be perfect has killed more dreams than anything else because trying to be perfect keeps you from ever getting started.

And if you don't get started, you don't get a cooking show.

If you don't get a cooking show:

  • You don't get to quit your job because you're earning a full-time income from cooking just one dish per week.
  • You don't get to take your kids to school and pick them up everyday because you run a work from home business.
  • You don't get to earn your living while traveling the world because your work from home business actually runs on a laptop and home is wherever you choose to make it this month.
  • You don't get to enjoy a carefree retirement because your digital cookbooks are generating passive income.

Like I said, perfectionism is a tragic mistake that has real impact on your life.

A perfect cooking show exists only in your mind and it will never free you financially.

You don't need your cooking show to be perfect (it will never be, anyway, which is another reason not to try to be perfect), you just need to start your cooking show with excellence as your goal and then continually improve it from there.

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