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"Business In A Box" for Coaches and Consultants Masterclass

The Business In A Box is for you if you want to build a coaching or consulting business that brings you money AND free time.

It’s designed for two audiences:

  • The professional who wants to quit your job and start a business where you sell your expertise at premium prices.
  • The business owner who has found themselves running a business that’s really just a low-paying job because you’re putting lots of time into it, but not making enough money.

If you've had enough of trying to "figure it all out" on your own when it comes to running your business, my "Business In A Box" masterclass is the training you're looking for!

The masterclass also includes everything in the Fundamentals of Video Marketing course.

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Fundamentals of Video Marketing

The Fundamentals of Video Marketing course teaches you how to speak confidently on camera about your business.

If you’re a coach or a consultant, then you are the product and you have to be able to present yourself professionally on camera for people to get to know who you are and trust you enough to hire you.

Your ideal client is super busy, just like you.

If you don't learn how to make videos that put you inside their smartphone, you will have a hard time growing your business.

And once you learn how to make your own videos, you no longer have to rely on guest speaker opportunities because you can build your own platform and feature yourself every day.

Even if you have no previous video experience and aren't really comfortable speaking on camera, this course delivers a step-by-step methodology that teaches you all the video communication skills you need to grow your business, all in 30 days or less.

I Want To Attract PREMIUM Clients!

Cooking All The Way To The Bank!

This course is about way more than cooking.

A cooking show is a simple way for you to take what you know and turn it into a side hustle that can grow into a six or seven-figure lifestyle business.

You can use your cooking show to sell your digital cookbook. That's a passive income business that has almost no startup costs.

You can also use your cooking show to sell subscriptions to your private membership community where your members discuss food and whatever other topics you care to lead discussions around.

Those subscriptions are a recurring revenue business.

How many subscribers do you need at $20 or $30 or $50 per month in order for you to not have to work a regular job anymore?

That's what a cooking show can do for you and this course teaches you how you can get started today with just your smartphone.

I Want To Use My Cooking Skills To Achieve Financial Freedom!