Favorite Chef Appears To Be A Scam

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Take a look at these articles and decide for yourself whether or not Favorite Chef is legit:

And it's not just those articles. Do a search on "Favorite Chef scam" and go through the results and make your own decision about whether or not it's a legitimate competition that you should involve yourself and your friends and family in.

Anyone who follows me knows that I'm not a fan of the Favorite Chef "competition" because when I found out about it, what I saw was a whole lot of chefs being encouraged to waste time and energy competing for one prize.

I've spoken about it many times:

And that was before I decided to do a little research on Favorite Chef and discovered the articles above.

Wake up, y'all.

Favorite Chef had way too many intelligent, skilled professionals wasting time and energy to compete in what appears to be a fake competition.

And even worse, they had you dragging your friends and family and everybody else you know into it by asking them to vote for you EVERY DAY!

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How is Favorite Chef any more legitimate than multilevel marketing?

Please understand that there is no legitimate way to get rich quick.

If you are serious about building a business--especially a food business--you are going to have to put in some work.

You cannot expect to just enter a competition and end up getting tens of thousands of dollars and all you had to do was get people to vote for you.

Cooking Is A $500 Billion Market

With that amount of money at stake, that means there are lots of people eager to take advantage of you to enrich themselves.

And from what I've observed, these hustles are always led by big name chefs who you know and trust. They're used as figureheads to hit you with the okey doke.

I made a video about the Kittch platform a while back that is exploiting chefs in a manner similar to Favorite Chef.

Carla Hall is the face of Favorite Chef this year. Marcus Samuelsson is one of the faces of Kittch.

But it's the same false promise.

They promise you all this marketing benefit, but what happens is you end up doing a bunch of work that makes them money and you get nothing.

Start Your Own Cooking Show On YouTube

Start building your legitimate online business where you get paid by showing up for work every week with a new video recipe.

Over time, as people get to know you and trust you because you keep showing up consistently, they'll be ready to buy things from you like your digital cookbook or a paid monthly membership in your online cooking community.

And with the increased visibility that YouTube gives you, some people will want to hire you for private chef gigs or catering gigs or come to your restaurant or food truck.

And you might even reach people around the country who really like you and have the money to fly you to where they are because they want you to be the chef at their special event.

These are things that YouTube can do for you by helping you show the world what you have to offer.

And all you have to do is post one video per week.

YouTube can make you rich, just not quick.

You gotta show up week after week for quite a few weeks before things start to happen for you.

Or you can just wait until next year and try again with Favorite Chef...but by then, you could have made way more than $25,000 from new clients you got through YouTube.

Again, YouTube can make you rich, just not quick.

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$10,000 Cookbook Challenge

This is a challenge where you're in complete control of whether or not you win because you're competing against only yourself.

Are you willing to put in the work to make $10,000 in cookbook sales to help you grow your business?

That's what my $10,000 Cookbook Challenge in my Celebrity Chef Masterclass is about.

And if that's not as attractive to you as Favorite Chef was, then you might be looking only for free, get rich quick solutions and I don't have any of those to offer you.

I'm here for the folks who understand that putting in legitimate work is how you build a business and I can show those folks how in the online world, a little bit of legitimate work can generate way more revenue than it does in the physical world.

Cooking one dish per week on YouTube will eventually bring you way more than the Favorite Chef prize.

So if you competed in Favorite Chef and lost, my Celebrity Chef Masterclass is definitely worth you taking a look at.


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